9Apps Google Find My Device

9AppsGoogle Find My Device is an application which is developed by Google to provide you a facility to find your device when theft or lost. The application is made for Android devices. The users would be able to trace their device location on the map using this app. Users can easily detect the location as it shows the real location of the device. even if the phone gets switched off, users would get the last known location of the device on the map. The interface of this app is easy and convenient for users.

This application also allows you to use indoor maps. With indoor maps you would be able to find your device which you have lost within any building like airport, hotel, etc. With this feature, you can easily navigate to your device. The app allows you to lock your phone remotely. You would not have to worry about access of unknown person, as with the locking option the app would keep your phone safe from access of unknown people. It also allows you to erase the data of your phone from anywhere. The application is available in 9Apps store where you can find more such apps.

How to download Google Find My device using 9Apps?

To download the app, you will have to download 9Apps. After installing it, open 9Apps in your device. You will get a search box in the app, use it to search google find my device and tap on the resulted app. Install the app.

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