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9AppsFor keeping the calculations and bills clear, you can either make the calculation by your calculator and make an invoice or else, you can be smart and use google excel. Yes, it is the sheet provided by Google for making your calculations easier. You can save anything in it, you can either make the project list there or else, you can also make the invoice of your work. There are many tools given there through which you can calculate it and use any calculation. Everything is available in the internet. These sheets are free of cost and do not have any paid version of it. You can simply install the app and use it. It can be used in free of cost.

For downloading this app, you need to first of all download the app store. You can simply download the app store and download any app you want through it. The app store we are talking about is called 9Apps and you can use it in free of cost. You can download anything from it and it will be safe as well. So without just wasting the time, let us see how to download the app store in order to download any app. Note that after downloading the app store, you can download any app.

How to download Google Excel from 9Apps?

Simply click on the given link, make sure to agree to the terms and conditions and install the 9Apps. Once done, search for Google excel and download it.

Download 9Apps

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