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9AppsDo you like talking to your long distance friend and extended family face to face without spending money? If yes, which app do you use it? There are so many apps nowadays to do that so it might not be very difficult for you people nowadays to have a video call with your friends and relatives. But the question arises, does your current app gives you a good quality video call without any network interruption? This question might give you a thought about changing your app to something better. And I’m going to tell you what is that something better app today. Well, you can try using Google Duo. As you can understand by the name itself, it is an app made by Google itself for having a video call to our friends and relatives or whosoever we wish to. Now using the app is also not a big deal here. Just download and browse your phone’s contact and call anyone you like to. The only condition is that they should also be having the same app. If they don’t, you can invite them too. You can expect the HD quality video calling without network interruption while making the call. It is one of the best apps you can use for video call.

To download Google Duo, you can download 9Apps and search Google Duo there. It is the free and easy way to download the app you wish. You can also download other apps from the same.

How to download Google Duo from 9Apps?

Click on the link given below and download the app.

Download 9Apps.

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