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9AppsAre you jealous of iPhone users because they have siri on their device who helps them in every way for free of cost? Siri is a robot which comes for free of cost once you buy an iPhone and it helps a lot in many ways to people which is a thing makes other jealous. But if you are an android user, you don’t need to be jealous at all. You also have an assistant for you given by Google. Yes, we are talking about the Google Assitant app which can be downloaded in any device and through that, you can ask google anything and they will do it for you. Not just the searching, but if you want to call someone, send a text message to someone, make an alarm or make a note of anything, google will do it for you. Of course, it is a great app to use and you should be downloading it. For downloading this amazing app in your device for free of cost, you do not need to do anything else. Just simply download the app store called 9Apps and once you download it, downloading any app would become easy. Yes, not only that but you can download as many android apps and games as you want through this app store called 9Apps. It is free of cost and recommended for downloading the apps. It is virus free and can be used any time. You just have to download it once and then you are all set to go.

How to download Google Assistance from 9Apps?

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