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9AppsAre you looking to get a fitter version of yourself? If yes, then you need to download and use an app called fitbit. Now you must be thinking what is this app about and how can you use this app. So let us tell you that using this app is easy but not having an app isn’t enough at all. You need the fitbit device too. But if you own this device, this app is a must for you. Why? Because this app will do wonders in tracking your progress towards your goal. In this app, you need to give your details and also tell about your goal. It will detect how many calories you have burned throughout the day and also how many steps you have taken. Apart from this, there are other things too which will be told in the app only.

For downloading this app, you need to first download the app store called 9Apps. It is a free of cost app store just like any other app store of yours. You can use this and download Fitbit.

How to download Fitbit from 9Apps?

First Download 9Apps. Click on the terms and conditions, agree to the request and simply install the app. It is easy and very safe. You will be able to download it.

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