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9AppsNeed a speedy browser?? Change your browser now and get Firefox. This browser is one of the fastest browser. Firefox is available for all platforms. Be it PC or phone, you can easily download the browser and get the best browsing experience. Firefox have private mode too, where you can browse without being tracked and it would not save your history and cookies. The browser allows you to save bookmarks. You can access your saved bookmarks on other device running Firefox using its Pocket feature. All you would need to create a account for that.

Firefox gives you one tap erase data option, where you can erase all your history in just one tap. It gets updated with every new release by fixing bugs and crash. You can download Firefox browser from 9Apps. 9Apps is an app store where you can find millions of apps available. This app is safe and secure. This app let’s you search for apps in its given search bar by typing its name. Finding useful apps is also easy as 9Apps gives you categorisation of each type.

How to download Firefox using 9Apps?

To get Firefox in your device, first you would need 9Apps. So download 9Apps in your device. Once downloaded, install it using the instructions. Open the app and go to the search option. Type ‘Firefox’ and hit enter. It will show you the app. Install and enjoy.

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