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9AppsWhen we are thinking about financial support, we come to know that there are so many financial services providing companies. That companies include banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, investment companies etc. These financial companies provide various financial services like mutual funds, investments, money lending, insurance etc. For that, a lot of government and private oriented financial companies are operating in India. They issuing various services to their customers according to their needs.

With the development of the internet, the financial services can get by one touch through their mobile phone or any other digital devices. We can access their websites from our home and also access through their app also. One of the most popular financial app developed by Fincart Financial Planner is ‘Fincart app’ which is released recently. This app is available for download from 9Apps.It is a very good mutual fund and SIP investment services app. It is giving the right direction to the customers how to get mutual funds and investments. The mutual fund plans included in this app are children’s education and marriage, tax planning, insurance plans, retirement plans etc. For the investments, it includes lump sum investments, switch across funds, monthly withdrawal options, redeem options etc. According to SEBI, for opening investment account through this app requires PAN card, Aadhar card and bank account details.

How to download Fincart using 9Apps?

This app is available to download in 9Apps. For that, first, download 9Apps using the link. Then install the app on your device. After that search for Fincart app using the search option available. Then download the file to your device, read the instructions and install it. Sign up in fincart using the email address, username, password and mobile number.

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