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9AppsAre you interested in downloading some fun apps? If you are, then the app we are going to tell you will for sure will interest you. If you want to know how, then we would like to remind you the days when the app called Faceapp was in trend because it shows you how you are going to be after few years or how you were in your young days. The app is trending even now but if you have already done that thing and you know how you are going to be, then we have much more things for you as well. Yes, the app also has many filters and effects you can use. Even though the app has a premium version of it, but you can use it for free as well. Talking about the same, if you want to download Facespp, you can do it right away as it is very easy.

For downloading the app FaceApp, you first need to download 9Apps which is an app store itself. If you want to know what is it, then it is an app store only available for android users. If you want to download this app, you can simply click and read our how to download segment. Let us read it there.

How to download FaceApp from 9Apps?

To download Faceapp, please click here and download 9Apps first. Once you download it, you can then install any app you want to including FaceApp.

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