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9AppsIn this digital era where you all use phone for doing everything, it is important to keep the phone alive and happy. You do need to take some precautions through which your phone will stay alive for longer period of time. There are different things you must do and all these can be done by using a simply app. The app we are discussing here is Easy Cleaner. The app is not just the cleaning app but it will help you in saving the battery which is a big relief for all those who are getting issues because of battery. The app is free of cost and it will help you in keeping the phone clean. All the junk which you might not be able to delete manually, you can delete it through the app. Also, they even do not charge from you. Scroll it here.For downloading the app Easy Cleaner mentioned here, you first of all need to download an app called 9Apps which is the app store app for downloading different apps easily. You can download the app from 9Apps but for this, you need to download 9Apps. Now let us see how to download the app.

How to download Easy Cleaner from 9Apps?

For downloading this app, you need to click on the link, make sure to enable the unknown sources, give the required requested permission and once you do all that, you have to agree to the terms and conditions and install the app.

Download 9Apps

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