9Apps COVID 19 Tracker

9AppsAre you aware of the pandemic outbreak? Well, the disease Covid-19 is not very deadly but it is spreading worldwide and people are dying from the same. You also need to be careful because it can harm those who are already suffering from other issues. If you are someone who is not very fit, then you can also die from the same. Hence, it is recommended to be as safe as you could be and do not go out. Be at home and be safe. However, it is also important to know and keep yourself updated with the updates. So today, you can use this app called COVID-19 Tracker in order to track the issues and cases happening. If there is some case near you, near your city or even in your country, it will be updated and you will get to know it.

This app is beneficial for everyone and hence, people should use this app more than any app because it is trusted and a reliable one. You can use this app and keep yourself updated and aware about the same. If you want to download this tracker, then you need to have an android phone. If you have that, you need to download the app store called 9Apps and once you download it, you can download this app too.

How to download COVID 19 Tracker using 9Apps?

To download COVID-19 tracker, click on the link, download 9Apps first. Once it is done, then you can download any app you want to including this COVID-19 Tracker app.

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