9Apps Clear Scan

9AppsWant to scan your documents? You would now not need scanner everytime you want to sacn. Yes what we are saying is absolutely possible for you. How? Clear Scan is the app that can let you scan your documents easily with your mobile camera and you would not need any scanner to do the task. You can scan and convert your documents into a pdf using your phone. It uses your mobile camera to click the pictures of the documents and the quality is good when you get scanned documents.

The Clear Scan is an app which is small in size so any device can get this app downloaded. The app is fast and lets the users to quickly scan their documents. Multiple filters are available in the app including black and white, color etc. Users can backup and restore the app using its feature easily. The app allows you to edit the file after scanning. File organisation is also easy as you can create folders and subfolders. The app allows you to store the documents in the app itself also lets you rename it. The app is available in the 9Apps store and can be downloaded from there securely.

How to download Clear Scan using 9Apps?

To get it, first click on the link and download 9Apps in your device. Once downloaded, open it and type Clear scan in the search box. In the results tap on the app and click install to get the app.

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