9Apps BYJU

9AppsBYJU’s the learning app is an app that allows students to get prepared for exams in a better way. The students can learn all their subjects in this app through the course it offers. The students would get video lectures in this app with which their understanding about the concepts of the subject would get clear. The videos are prepared by special faculty. It provides courses for 4th to 12th class. Even after 12th, students can use it for various competitive exams. BYJU is a better way of learning. The app is available for all type of devices so that it can be in reach of all students.

BYJU’s learning app has got many awards too for its comprehensive learning solution. The app gives you Video lectures and even the tests are conducted to test the knowledge of the students. For The competitive¬†exam preparations, it provides Mock test sessions where students can challenge their knowledge. The app covers fully all the syllabus, be it ICSE or CBSE, it also covers IIT and JEE. The app is free and students can use it easily as the interface is simple. It also helps in revising the subjects and shows the full analysis of the progress of the students. The app can be downloaded using 9Apps, process is mentioned below.

How to download BYJU using 9Apps?

To download the BYJU, download 9Apps in your device. Once done, open it and search for the BYJU. tap on the result and install the app in your device.



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