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9AppsWatching movies is fun. No matter how busy you’re, you alas manage to get some time to watch s newly released film in the theatre. Isn’t it? Watching films at home has its own level of comfort, however, watching films in the theatre is equally fun. But the main Issue is to book the tickets. From where to book the tickets? Gone are the days when people use to book the tickets by standing in the long queue.

Now everything can be done online within one click. You just have to know the correct app which provides you some good discount and book your tickets online easily. And today we are going to talk about one such app. We are talking about the app BookMyShow. As the name is self-explaining, the app is all about booking the shows online. In this app, you’ll get to choose your cut where you live in and all the theatres of you city will appear. You can see the timing of the shows online and along with that, the prices will be seen too. Not only that but the app will provide you some good discount as well. To downloading this app, you can use 9Apps and download it first. it is easy and very safe to download such apps.

How to download BookMyShow from 9apps?

Click on the link to download 9Apps first and once you download it successfully, search for the app BookMyShow and download it.

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