9Apps BeautyPlus

9AppsEveryone wants to look good in pictures so people often tend to put on makeup and highlights just for photos, let me tell you that you don’t have to work that hard for something that is so easy to accomplish. BeautyPlus app is a photo editor and camera which helps you get that extra edge and look your best. It makes your skin look smooth by highlighting necessary parts of your skin tone and removes all the acne with the blemish remover, hides your pimples, dark circles and it makes your face and body look slim to help you get that ideal look. BeautyPlus camera automatically makes you look stunning but you can edit those pictures after to get more out of the picture, you can adjust the brightness or resize your eyes to look bigger and make your nose appear smaller, it uses advanced facial recognition so you look naturally beautiful. So if you want to look your best in any picture you take then this is a must have app to get on your device.

You can download BeautyPlus via 9Apps app store on your Android device, this is one of the leading app stores which surprisingly takes up very less space on your smartphone, 9Apps is less than 1 MB and it has tons of apps and games which you can download on your device, all the apps are completely free to download when it comes to 9Apps and not only apps but you can download songs, wallpapers and several other things that are quite good. You can use 9Apps instead of your in-built app store to get any app you want and you don’t have to provide any identification or create an ID on 9Apps to start downloading and using apps.

Download BeautyPlus via 9Apps on Android Devices.

  1. Make sure to go to settings and allow download from “Unknown Sources”
  2. Open your preferred browser and Download 9Apps.
  3. Now wait for 9Apps to download.
  4. Launch 9Apps and search for BeautyPlus.
  5. Choose ‘BeautyPlus’ app and tap on ‘download’
  6. Wait for BeautyPlus to download.
  7. Now you can use BeautyPlus to look your best in every single picture.

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