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9AppsWatching movies is fun but for that, we have to go to our nearby theatre. But can’t we watch the film of our choice without visiting the theatre? Well, we can. How? Obviously through online streaming apps. But which app can be your help? If you are someone who prefers Bollywood and Hollywood film both, you should go for Amazon Prime. If you don’t know about this app and how can we get it, let me tell you that it is a paid app and you must have an Amazon account for that. If you have it, you need to apply for Amazon Prime for which you will have to pay a certain amount. The amount would totally depend on the duration of the subscription you are going to have. You can watch web series, Original prime videos, Bollywood films, Hollywood films and etc then. The videos you will watch will be ad-free. You can watch as many videos as you want. However, for using the app in your smartphone, you need to download the separate app for that. Just download the app and start watching the videos. It is easy and safe. But from where can you download Amazon Prime Videos App? Its simple, you can download it from 9Apps. It is an online app download store from where you can download as many apps as you want to.

How to download Amazon Prime Videos from 9Apps?

Click on the given link and download the app now.

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