9Apps 2048

9AppsNeed to play a game for time pass? Why don’t you challenge yourself with some strategy game. The game which would enhance your intelligence. Want to know the name of such game? Play 2048 game. This game is interesting one and we can assure you that you would not get bored of this game. It is endless game which never ends. After 2048, you will get a puzzle to solve 4096. Thus, the game would never get end. The game is available for various platforms that means toy can download it in any platform based device.

2048 game is easy to play but would be tricky. It has an easy interface that has been designed to make usage convenient. The app comes with 18 colourful themes. The player would have to move the tiles and when two similar number tiles would come together they will merge into one. The game allows you to share your scores with the friends. The game can be saved automatically in your device. It has an undo feature too, which would allow you to undo the last move. You can download the game in your device using 9Apps. The procedure is explained below.

How to download 2048 using 9Apps?

To download 9Apps, click on the provided link. Once downloaded, open this app and go to the search box. In the search option type 2048, and click on the result. Install the app now and enjoy playing this amazing game in your device.

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